God Intervenes

Just when you think that things are at a halt and you feel paralyzed, God intervenes on everyone’s behalf. While we were waiting, there were opportunities to minister to family and even have bible studies with a couple of business owners at an RV park. Yet we knew there was something more out there for us but we couldn’t see what God was doing for most of it and it didn’t make any sense (as usual). However, every time we would come to Oklahoma, whether we’re driving through or stopping for a little while we would stay at this one hotel just outside of Oklahoma City. What would happen next, no one could’ve predicted. You just can’t make these stories up…

It was Friday, September 11th and we were reflecting on the terrorist attack that happened 19 years ago. We had a couple of conversations with some people at the breakfast area in the morning and there was still this sense of silence that filled the air throughout the area. As the day went on, we still resumed our regular homeschooling classes and I was in deep prayer throughout the day. Having the missionary mindset that God has equipped me with, I began my online search for the worst places to live in America so as to travel there and preach Christ. As I continued in my research, I found many places that shocked me and also many places that didn’t. Believe it or not, Washington D.C. wasn’t on there! Not even Baltimore! I remember there wasn’t a day that I would walk the streets where I wasn’t “Jason Bourne-ing” the thing! Nevertheless, I was in fervent prayer while Rebecca took the kiddos to swim at the indoor pool after homeschool. When she got back, she told me to close the laptop and just listen.

She told me of how she met this family of 7 that were missionaries to America that lived EXACTLY how we do! I was speechless. After Rebecca told me of her conversations with the other missionary mother in the pool area, I knew why God had sent us to this hotel time after time for a whole year: to meet this family and wait to see what the Lord will do with all 11 of us. The wives had arranged dinner plans for us to have together that evening to hear each others story of stepping out of the building, box and boat in faith and how God has provided every step of the way in order that we all may continue walking in obedience.

Having met so many people along our journey of faith and obedience, this was the first family that we could 100% relate with and not much needed to be said in each others company. It was nothing but huge grins, open ears and open hearts. With only a few gatherings over a weekend, we prayed with each other and shared many, many testimonies where God intervened to advance His Kingdom using our whole families to do so. It is my honor to share their website information below with you that you too may pray for them along their journey of faith and obedience. Follow them as God takes them through the wildest of places just as He has done with ours!

We are a family of seven following the call of the Lord…

For now, I know it’s to constantly pray for them in their mission field for we are one in the same. I believe it’s only a matter of time that we will physically join up together to advance God’s kingdom but for now we are serving together but apart in deep prayer for their next steps of faith and obedience along with ours.


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