First Stop… My Old Kentucky Home!

I want to start this letter off with being quite open and honest. Doing God’s will is never easy. In fact, we have always been promised by Jesus Himself that the world will hate us because it hated Him first (Matthew 10:22). That we will face persecution and suffering, even to the point of death (Matthew 24:9). We’ve seen the way people treated the prophets who spoke of the promised Messiah and who judged all of Israel by leading them to the truth of God through His Word even when it caused them to be greatly persecuted (read Isaiah and Jeremiah to get an idea). And yet many were killed by their own.

Because we are in the last days there is vast apostasy and demonic/heretical teaching. We personally have had to confront this many, many times from pastors to fellow brethren. Needless to say, like the prophets, we are not so well liked because we take the Word of God literally and when there is instruction we know it is God telling us to do or not to do for our own good, for the purity of His Body and for His Holiness and Mighty Name. But nothing is new under the sun and many who call themselves in the faith refuse to submit to the Lordship of Christ. And because of this we were not only led to Washington, D.C. but we have now been lead to Kentucky for a shortstop.

We were invited to visit a house church which has been formed by the faithful few who chose to do as Believers ought to, to refuse mans teaching and adhere to God’s Word in all its entirety. These families were willing to risk friendships, positions in their previous church and their own comforts in order to obey God. They are not perfect and have wondered whether they are crazy at times but to be there and encourage one another; we felt as though we were seeing God showing us the unity Jesus prayed for for His Body in John 17. We knew God’s presence was there that Sunday. We knew they were doing God’s will and it needed to keep going.

We’ve all heard of house churches but this one was unique. It is similar to what you would expect in a foreign persecuted country or described in the Bible. These people truly are not in it for a building, titles or status. They love God, they want to serve God and they want to share their lives with each other and anyone whom He may lead them to that they may share His Gospel. For the first time in a long time, we felt the bond of brotherhood, the Spirit flowing freely, no longer being quenched and God was teaching His children.

The wheat and the chaff are being seperated. The true believers and those who are believers in theory are being sifted. Holy Spirit filled, Bible in its entirety teaching house churches will become the norm as we see the false teaching and doctrines continue to claim theoretic “Christians”. It is a warning to us all. Stand in the faith. Make sure you cling to Christ, not a man. Know your God deeply and intimately because He is worthy to be praised. He is Holy and Righteous and none can compare. Do not fear what man can do to you. Do His will alone. No matter the cost in order that you may hear, “Well done, you upright (honorable, admirable) and faithful servant! You have been faithful and trustworthy over a little; I will put you in charge of much. Enter into and share the joy (the delight, the blessedness) which your master enjoys.” Matthew 25:23 AMPC

From Kentucky we did continue onto Tennessee to help prepare a family to move out from California to Tennessee. And as this draws to a close today we will be making our long journey to Idaho sharing the whole Gospel of God’s Word as we go to whomever He may lead us to. Please pray for us as we pray for you our fellow brethren. We love you all!


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