Third Newsletter

July 5th, 2018

Dear friends and family,

 We rejoice in this great opportunity that we get to share with you the power of God transforming lives in the greater D.C. area. This letter comes to you through much prayer, fasting and time spent in the Word of God.

I praise God for choosing us for this stewardship and give Him all the glory. It is through His Spirit and our weaknesses that His power is manifested in the lives of those who are with us in His ministry. I pray that you are encouraged, exhorted, edified, and stirred up by love and good works through this letter.

Beginning from the newsletter we wrote back in December 2017, we spoke of a Senior Assisted Living Center where we volunteer at. Originally, we started out with individual meetings with residents once a month (as this is what the coordinator allowed) to visit and talk with them. Through our times of speaking with the residents we got a taste of the love God wants to pour out from His Body onto others and we greatly desired more. And through this small faithfulness of monthly visits, God grew it into “whenever you want, come on by”. With this wonderful opportunity, the residents now make about 40-60 sandwiches that God provides for distribution on the streets of Alexandria, VA and Washington D.C. There is a great trial on this part of God’s ministry so please keep this in prayer. However, through these “Salvation & Sandwich” outreaches, God has given the elderly more of a purpose and connection to the homeless, students in college, business men and women, tourists and military. Only God can take a small hope and turn it into blessings beyond measure.

Through prayer and waiting upon the Lord, He has provided for Rebecca to make her homemade chocolate chip cookies to hand out as well. The homeless call her cookies gold as they tell me they taste the love. But this is not the best part of the story. While handing out the sandwiches, cookies, free Bibles and water, I am able to compassionately, gently and in loving-kindness spend time listening (sometimes all day long) with a complete stranger while sharing the word of God without quarreling. I don’t approach them with my wisdom or knowledge, but as we have been living life with them week to week, God gives me opportunities to share His wisdom, knowledge and understanding. We talk about what it means to walk by faith toward Christ, studying the Word of God in order that we may respond to it with immediate obedience while continuing to patiently endure through many sufferings, trials and tribulations. These conversations are not merely words, but seasons in which God is continuously growing within us His roots of faith.

We have seen many people putting their faith in Christ with lives changed and producing much fruit. We host a Bible fellowship on Tuesday nights in our small home. It has been lovingly named by friends, The Cave of Adullam from 1 Samuel 22. To quickly summarize… the broken, rejected, battered and torn came to David in the cave of Adullam, they were then built up and sent out to fight. We start out each Tuesday with a delicious meal together and are then, as those men of David, built up in God’s Word to go out and fight the battle being waged for our souls. Our prayer has been for two larger “caves” that many more of those who are broken, beaten and battered may do the same.

Through all of this, we are still learning that if we don’t abide in Christ, through His power, His ability and His sufficiency, we don’t have an abundant, fruitful life. Jesus says in John 15:8 “When you bear or produce much fruit, My Father is honored and glorified, and you show and prove yourselves to be true followers of Mine.” By us rejecting His ways of working out our salvation with fear and trembling according to His will, we detest our days. Therefore, let us correctly interpret Scripture as we are only taught by God, not man, in order that we might submit ourselves to it with a response of immediate obedience. If we don’t, we put ourselves in danger of reasoning and talking ourselves out of serving God. Thus, walking away from the living God that we might serve our desires, will and pleasures of this life. I share this with an earnest conviction, so you may know the “methods” of how God works in His ministry here in D.C.  

To share every moment, every story would be a lot of pages and quite expensive to mail. So, I end this letter with asking for your prayers, as you are a very important part of this ministry. Pray for endurance for our family. Pray for provision and more laborers. Pray for all those who have been and will be affected by this ministry. Lastly, pray that God would give us His wisdom and discretion as He makes known to us what is yet to come.

Hearing from our family and friends with words of encouragement and prayers has been one of the greatest blessings to us. Please feel free to contact us through any of the ways listed below. We look forward to sharing with you in our next letter the answers to your diligent prayers!

In Christ,

The Medeiros Family


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