Letter Across America (Sixth Newsletter)

February 18, 2020

Dear friends & family,

We bring you this letter to update you on the awesome and developing works of God. During the 2 1/2 years of service throughout the greater D.C. area, the Lord has given us such tremendous opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ. If you recall in our previous letters, we mentioned that we have personally witnessed and directly experienced His transforming power. This generated a perpetual maturity in the ministry or to better describe it, during our encounters with those in D.C. the Lord established a fortified foundation of believers, with ongoing results, everywhere we went.

Throughout anyone’s life there are many times we find ourselves knowing that in order to keep growing in our faith, we must not hold ourselves back (i.e. quench the Spirit) from allowing God to powerfully work as He sees fit. We must dig deeper into the Gospel to ensure a maturing faith which strengthens our trust in El Shaddai. Since the beginning of this specific commitment, we knew that demonic opposition awaited us and loss was possible with this type of ministry. Nevertheless, we did not loose heart, for the Lord always protects His own in order that His will may be accomplished through His saints. His faithfulness fought our battles. His provision kept us obedient. When any one of us makes a righteous stand for the Truth, it is promised in 2 Timothy 3:12 that we will suffer as a result. At the end of January, we were in a situation that demanded holy action that only God could perform. God led us away from an approaching demonic influence. As a result of our stand, it cost us our home. Abstaining from every form of evil, usually results in suffering in one way or another. Slaves of Christ must honorably, humbly and joyfully accept suffering for the sake of the Gospel. Therefore, home or no home, we knew the work of the Lord must continue.

Our family remained in prayer and were determined to make our every step by the leading, guiding and provision from God. In four days time, we went from having no home to living on an Army base. A Soldier friend of ours invited us into their home to help them as they help us. As Rebecca homeschool’s Annalise and Everett, she is bringing alongside their 17 month old daughter. Our families are living together, encouraging and helping one another out, not only literally but most importantly, spiritually. But our time with them is coming to a close at the end of February. And now we see God leading in another way… For at least the month of March, the Lord is calling us to take across America the work He began at our Nation’s capital. Our journey includes encouraging a house church in Kentucky and edifying a family in Idaho. As the Lord directs and establishes our destinations, we ask that you pray for us that God may open many more doors for us in each city we journey, proclaiming the Gospel in love. May we all join with the world-wide body of Christ, to make disciples of all the nations wherever the Lord may navigate.

And whether we hear from you by letter or visit you along the way, our prayer for you is to fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14). May God greatly bless you as you equip, edify and evangelize everywhere you go!

Until our next encounter,

Medeiros Family


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