“Twas the night…”

The night before I share my faith,

I pray Jesus, ignite what I’ve asked for

I’m aware of what I need to explore

Lost and struggling peoples around monuments

Count the cost as I battle & silence arguments

Lord, bring me low as I seek the weak

And step on the metro, Lord keep me meek

For they will inherit the earth says Matthew 5:5

Restore Your will & You’re Spirit & keep me alive

As I go into this war zone, through me let Your name be made known. But before anything I say tomorrow, on this night before I walk out my front door, I bow my head and pray let Your will be done. Let Your kingdom come as I sit on the steps of Lincoln dissecting opinions and corrupt systems, and as I share Your wisdom, let it sink in. Bring some victims with some sick symptoms so that I might share some spine tingling stories that speak all of Your glory. How You used my life, wife and family to fuel what’s right and bright to our fullest capacity. Happily I share our desperate dependency on the possibilities of my God. He makes the impossible possible. He created me for the work of the ministry and for that, I’m unstoppable. I stay in His will and will work enthusiastically for the Lord knowing nothing I do for Him is ever useless or foolish. Selah


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