We’ve Officially Arrived

It’s been quite the busy couple weeks for us! But today is special, Everett turned 2. We had a celebratory donut and hike through the wetlands behind Mount Vernon where we saw some amazing colors of the season.

Rebecca and the kids have been here for a little over a week.  And upon their arrival we were staying at a hotel for a few days until we found a more permanent address. The only people who were excited for this were the kids. What’s more fun than staying at a hotel when you’re a kid! While being literally homeless for that, thankfully, short time it made us more and more dependent upon God. A week ago yesterday I heard in that still small voice that we would have a place to live by the next day. And you better believe God keeps His promises because we moved into a great little apartment in Alexandria, VA the day that God had said He would provide us a new home.

Because of Rebecca’s fear of clutter (no joke) we are unpacked and moved in within days of getting our place. I am currently on the hunt for a job so please keep that in your prayers. We know God is going to provide… He called and equipped, He will see it through.

As the days grow, Rebecca and I eagerly pursue and earnestly endeavor to be a part of the complete building up and equipping of the saints. We cannot look at the body of Christ as an organization. A church is an extension of Christ, a place to come together for worshiping and communing with Him and each other. When we start to make plans for the church without the trusting, leading, and desperate dependence upon the Holy Spirit to move us in His direction we want to take a census (read 2 Samuel 24). Our concern becomes about empty seats in the church instead of focusing on stirring up the agape love and gifts of those who already filling them. The empty seats are very important but God will lead whomever He wants into them.

We are seeing the impossible as God sees it, possible. Our faith is not a medal to attain but something we already posses and must be used otherwise it will cease to grow. This step in faithful obedience is attainable to ALL. No God may not be calling you to give up everything and move across the country or world but He is calling each of us to a step of faith each day. One step. The whole point should never be for our glory but for His. If that is where your desire is you will find yourself doing what many say is impossible. Going on mission trips, ministering to someone that once looked down upon you and seeing others in love and forgiveness because it is no longer about you. It’s about Him and His glory being revealed so that all may know that He is the One, true God.

Don’t simply keep the faith. Live it, give it and be joyful in it.

Keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours.
Mark, Rebecca, Annalise and Everett

And I guess Diego too… anybody want a dog?


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