To Do Your Will and Not Mine

In a time when we have more wealth than past generations and more non-profits meant to help with the needs of others, we should, theoretically, be seeing such fruitful, hopeful, joyful lives. Would you say this is not true?

Yet quite the opposite is true. Suicide rates are extremely high. Hopelessness is seen on the faces of so many. We have programs after programs to give to the needs of another and to help. But it seems that our world is getting worse, not better. For one we were promised that it would get worse. Throughout the Bible it is spoken of what is to come. For those are who perishing this is terrifying/unbelievable. For those of us who have the hope of eternal life with our Lord and Savior because of His sacrifice, this should be a call to great joy. Sin will be dealt with and justice will truly be served. Once and for all.

Daily we’re being pounded with what is “good” from our culture and we’re told what is “right”. I do not stand on my culture. I do not bow down to it. I am to stand in obedience through faith to God. His word alone is good and right and will lead me to be able to stand righteously before Him. Do not fool yourself. We have fed many homeless, many in need have been given their desires. But if I do not share Christ and Him crucified for their sins that they may repent then I have said their wants and needs are more important than their soul. It is not.

We refuse to be another board, another non-profit, another program to help simply fix a temporary issue. To simply fulfill their needs is taking away their reliance upon God and making them “Christians” who say they follow Jesus but only when things are good, when needs are met and their lifestyle is going the way they see it.

This is not always the case and to help someone in need is not wrong in and of itself. The heart is determined by God alone but the fruit we are to judge and if it is unfruitful than what’s the point in doing it? It will leave nothing lasting and so we have simply made ourselves feel good. Shame on us.

We are called to the exact opposite as Biblical Christians. We are called to suffer as Christ did. We are to not care of the things of this world but for the treasures we store up in heaven with our loving Savior. We are going to be persecuted for our salvation in Christ. I am only repeating what the Bible tells us so please do your own study, seek out the truth in His Word and I know the Holy Spirit will minister to you on what sufferings you will endure personally. And what fruit will come of it. What faith. What joy. What abundance in the blessings of God, to stand before Him in obedience and righteousness.

To say that someone rich is not Godly or that someone poor is, is completely false. We are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses who came before us and God gave us their accounts in His Word. We can go back and see the rich and poor, slave and free, etc were all given the same choice… God or Satan. We have that same choice in the moment we are currently in. Does not mean our circumstances will stay the same but it does mean that the moment I accept Christ I am a new creation and I must live in accordance with that before Him. I will not be standing before you or anyone else and you will not have to stand before me at the end of our days, we will stand before God and for us, this is a great motivation to continue on with what He has in His will for us. I must be able to stand before God approved. Man will and will not approve of our lives for God. Nobody gets along with everybody.

To put this more simply. As a family, we serve God and Him alone. We search out Him through His word and share with others to do the same. “Until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ” Ephesians 4:13. We refuse to do something just so we can pat ourselves on the back and say we did a good deed, “so I’m a good Christian, right God?” We do all things for Him, to Him and through Him. If He has not told us than we ought not to be doing it. Christ must be preached and the pure Word of God in all its entirety spread throughout even our land. We are no better than a tribe in the Amazon who has never met anyone outside their tribe. We are actually worse off if we think we will get in based upon what we call our “faith”, “good deeds” or “kindness”. We fear for our fellow countrymen and women because we know better and do not obey God.

Like we’ve said before, we can fill the bellies of the hungry but if we do not preach Christ than we are complacent in their sin and thus in their fate to hell. Yes, it is that black and white. And it is for us as well. I may give to charities (begrudgingly or not), I may work hard, I may even serve the poor but if I have not love… it profits nothing. Love is from God and only through Him can we truly do it. And to do it right we must know Him. Thus we will be compelled to walk in His will as we ought to be.

Another non-profit, government subsidy or program will relieve the temporary pains but Christ alone is our hope, our joy and our salvation. We must live and share this in all we say and do. It is not an option but a command from our Saviors own mouth. And so we do it here in D.C. because that is where He has us in His will. Do His will. Hold nothing back. Serve and obey your Father who dearly loves you.

Don’t just read this and say that this is good for us but not for you. Search out the Scriptures, study to show thyself approved unto God alone and as much as it depends on you live peaceable with everyone. Do nothing with selfish ambition, but exhort one another as we wait for the coming of our Lord.

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