Pride Died Today

The day that my pride died, is the day I truly cried. I tried to hide inside the genocide that occupies my heart and mind. There are things I’ve done things I’ve seen that are relived in my thoughts and dreams. I’ve carried them around with me for too long, I’ve heard about them sung in many songs. It wasn’t for me, to cry and say goodbye. Not to people but to forgive and let go of pride. Pride meant for me a sense of manliness and patriotism. The false hope and illusion it gave me ended up enslaving me, disabling me and constraining me from completing my mission in life. I had many suspicions about those who talk about killing pride and laying down their life as weak and not for me. Then there was that day. This day, was the day I realized of all the murderous actions I re-enacted in my mind wasn’t as evil as my self rising above everyone else justifying all that it has done and is currently doing for the sake of my own benefit and gain. To make sure I’m good and to not let others take my manhood. This man Jesus had the nerve to make me swerve off my path onto His narrow path that leads to life more abundantly. Pride leads to strife that leads away from eternal life He told me. I told Him I don’t want to live forever, with all the pressure from all the evil endeavors I’ve succumbed to. He told me He has overcome them and my adversaries and wants me to dwell with Him in His perfect sanctuary. Although it may seem scary, to believe in Him to have faith everlasting. I’m here to tell you today, let go of pride, no more Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, but to be truly satisfied in life is walking in a relationship with Jesus side by side. If you are a child of God, cry in His arms for He will not think of you as weak but meek, He will not think of you as if there’s something wrong but strong because you have humbled yourself before Him. Don’t take too long.

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