Initial Newsletter

Greetings Friends & Family,

As of October 18th, we will have begun a new adventure. We are now missionary/evangelists serving in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. We heard the call to move in 2015 and have been continuously in prayer since. In December 2016 and July 2017, I went to go and see what was the next step of faith and obedience the Holy Spirit was leading my family to take. During my visits, there were many events that confirmed the calling. As a result, we closed the family window cleaning business, stepped down from serving at our church, packed up our lives and planted ourselves in the heart of D.C.

The work of the ministry that God is calling us to is: Equip, Edify, and Evangelize Everywhere. Our vision that the Holy Spirit gave us comes from Ephesians 4:12-16. In there you will find, 1. Equip the saints for the work of the ministry, 2. Edify the body of Christ, 3. Evangelize till we all come to the unity of the same faith in our LORD, and 4. Everywhere, those who have come to know Christ are then equipped, sent out to edify and evangelize everywhere… Until all come to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

To start, I will be walking the streets of D.C. seeking out the lost among the nations monuments and looking for those who have no hope, no purpose, no value in life and lead them to Christ. I know God will lead us to more as we continue on.

For those who have been involved in the beginning of our journey, we will keep you in our daily prayers and ask in return for you all to keep us in your prayers. If you would like to contact us, email us at We are currently building a way to share our videos, pictures, stories and, of course, poetry as you follow us on our journey. As these media platforms become available, we will let you know.

We ask that you pray for provision, planning, and the work of the ministry. If you are reading this letter, you are a part of the work we are doing as we serve the needs of Washington D.C. and I thank you for your prayers and support as we continue in taking these steps of faith and obedience.

In Christ,

The Medeiros Klan


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